The Differences Between Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

Whenever you are looking for professional cleaning services in Sydney for day to day cleaning and organization of your offices, it is always very important to know what type of cleaning company you are looking for. There are companies offering industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning services that you can choose from, depending on your company’s needs. Residential cleaning is fairly straightforward, but people generally have a hard time differentiating between industrial and commercial cleaning. It is, therefore, important to know the difference between commercial and industrial cleaners in Sydney so that you can be sure you are working with the right people for the job.

Both commercial and industrial cleaning will involve the performance of sanitary cleaning services as well as the disposal of waste. This is a standard service that both industrial and commercial enterprises need. It involves the cleaning of the workplace, the ladies, the gents as well as the disposal of the various kinds of waste materials. But industrial environments are not necessarily the same as commercial ones.  For example, there is likely to be shop floor where some manufacturing takes place along with a different kind of waste materials such as chemicals.

The industrial environment, therefore, generally needs specialized cleaning services. Expert industrial cleaners Sydney has today generally have highly trained cleaning teams as well specialist equipment for carrying out professional cleaning and meeting industrial cleaning requirements such as cleaning of cladding, ducts and the degreasing of hard floors.

There are various other complex cleaning operations involved in industrial cleaning such as machine cleaning and degreasing, cleaning of lighting installations, high level cleans, equipment cleaning, rubbish disposal, window cleaning and cleaning of staff areas amongst others.

Due to the unique industrial environment, industrial cleaning generally requires very stringent cleaning materials as well stringent cleaning methods that will enable industrial cleaners Sydney offers to remove tough grease and dirt which generally occur during the manufacturing processes.

The materials as well as machinery used in this kind of cleaning are generally bigger and also more robust in order to deal with the tough stains compared to those used in commercial or the normal business cleaning.  The Sydney industrial cleaning services also need to utilize tougher detergents and cleaning tools capable of limiting the effects of both germs and chemicals or compounds that spill over in this kind of environment.

Industrial cleaning must take precaution on the kind of environment that they are working in. They need to take into consideration the fact that the cleaning products used in this environment could affect or even damage the inventory being used in the manufacturing processes. The cleaning company should have professional and well-trained staff who are skilled in working in this kind of environment and also understand all the safety precautions. This is especially the case in the food manufacturing industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Contamination by cleaning solvents and chemicals should be avoided as much as possible.

When hiring an industrial cleaning solution, ensure that they are able to cater for HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points sites. These are the sensitive manufacturing areas such as food and beverage warehouses. This kind of industrial cleaning will have to enforce stricter healthy and safety standards so. When picking a cleaning solution, verify their professionalism, reputation, costs, as well as compliance with health and safety regulations and policies.

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