Reasons Why Building Inspections in Melbourne are Essential

Purchasing a home is probably the largest investment decision you will ever make so it’s important to make a wise decision. Knowing the condition of the home will help you avoid extra costs and problems down the track. The best way of achieving this is by hiring the services of pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne professionals. These professionals are trained to assess all the aspects of a home to ensure that they are all in good condition. While buying a home, you incur a lot of costs like the realtors, mortgage and lawyer fees. Because of these costs you are likely to skip the building inspection stage so as to save some money. However, this could be the worst choice you make about your home. Having a property inspected is the most important thing to do before you buy it. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring building inspections Melbourne services.

Building Inspections Melbourne

Determining structural conditions

The cost of homes in Melbourne, as with other parts of the Australia, is quite high. For this reason, the home must be structurally sound. Also, a structurally weak building has the danger of collapsing or possibly the structural problems are nearly impossible to repair without major constructions. To avoid such incidences, make sure you get a building inspection done. This will save you major emotional and financial headaches later on.

Budgeting for repairs

You might have bought a home with certain problems because it was available at a discounted price. This is quite okay because you will save some money to be used on other things. But, moving into such a home without proper inspection could cost you enormously in future. You need to consider Melbourne building inspection services in order to determine what needs to be done to bring the house to the exact state you like it to be. A good inspector will help you to prepare an accurate budget for total repair costs.

Check illegal alterations

Getting building inspections in Melbourne can help you to uncover illegal alterations and additions in a home. These may include extensions or garages that are illegally constructed without following the required building standards. Remember that alterations can affect the overall value of the home, taxes, usability and insurance. You may need to demolish, recertify or certify such alterations which might cost you considerable amount to money.

 Negotiation framework

Getting building inspections Melbourne services will help you to negotiate the purchase price. The pre-purchase building report provides proof of any faulty areas within the home. You can use this report to demand for repairs or to have price reduction. Your realtor should advise you on how to make the request with the seller so as to get a good deal.

Forecasting future costs

Another reason why you need Melbourne building inspections is to approximate the installation age of major systems in the home. These systems include plumbing, air-conditioning and heating. The inspector will determine the shelf life of these components and know when replacement should be done. This is essential in budgeting and also in determining the best type of warranties and insurance covers to consider.

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