Moving Tips for the Living Room

When it comes to moving, there are certain rooms which are generally easier than others as far as packing is concerned. These are some of the great places in which you can start packing before you move meticulously to places such as the bedroom. The rooms that are easiest to pack generally include bedrooms, bathrooms as well as dining rooms. They contain few items that are easy to pack and they are not used as often as the living room or the bedroom, for example.  The living room is one of the toughest places to pack and some homeowners will leave it to the professional Sydney removal companies in order to make work easier.

There are many reasons why  the living room is such a difficult place to start packing. It contains some delicate items such as the electronics, books, DVDs, aquariums and decorative items amongst others. However, like any other room in the house, the key to the successful packing of the living room is proper preparation.  There are different items in the living room which require specialized attention when you are moving house. It is important to have a good understanding with the Sydney removals services in order the move a lot easier. Some of the items that will be moved in the living room include the following:

Big Screen TVs

When you are planning to move the TV, it is important to acquire help for lifting the item. You can gather soft items such as blankets or furniture pads that you can wrap around TVs and these will function as cushioning when you are moving items. The TV should be placed upright on the soft pads or blankets and then you can begin wrapping it. The blankets can then be secured in place by a packing tape although you shouldn’t stick this directly on the TV. During packing, the box edges should be kept away from the screen.


It is advisable to measure the dimensions of the sofa as well as the doorway through which the sofa will pass before packing. All cushions should be removed and placed on the bin bags. If you are unsure with how to move the sofa safely, you can hire Sydney removals professionals to assist you.


The bottom of the tall boxes should be secured with a reinforced packing tape. The bulb along with the shade should be removed. The cord is then wrapped around lamp base and secured by tucking plug end into the cord that you have wrapped. Lamps should be wrapped in bubble wraps several times. Additionally, lamp shades should be packed separately.


There are various electronic items that are typically kept in the living room such as VHS systems, speaker surrounds, media equipment and many more. You can refer to the manufacturer instructions for guidelines on how to move these items safely. If you have lost the guide, check out manufacturer website. If you have the original packaging for your electronic items, use it. Another important piece of advice on moving electronics is that you need to mark ports and cables with colored stickers in order to make reconnection easier.

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