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There could be a number of good reasons why it would be important to consider using the services of a landscape gardening service. A company may have a large lawn around its head office. Anyone arriving at the office would quickly notice if the lawn was not being maintained properly. This would not create a very good initial impression for that company. For home owners, there may not be enough time, or with age, it gets too difficult to attend to the garden properly. For what ever the reason, there could be the need to call on professional help. It might be a good idea to get in contact with greenprintlandscapes.com.au who will be able to provide a comprehensive gardening service.

Services that are on offer

Before setting out a summary of the work that greenprintlandscapes.com.au can undertake it is very important to note that there could be a trend for further reduction of rainfall in the Perth area. This may be down to climate change. Any planned landscape gardens in this region needs to take this seriously into consideration.

Artificial Turf

This may be sad news for the traditional gardener but the facts are there. There may not be enough water in the future. The answer could be to use artificial turf. This will withstand heavy usage if a lawn or a green area is regularly used for sports. Obviously, there will be no trimming and grass cutting. Of course, no watering is used either. This is a no maintenance solution. Grass such as kikuyu, couch and buffalo can be reproduced as well.

Reticulated Water

This is a system of piped water and an aid in water conservation. This way a natural lawn can be kept.

A timed, automated watering system can be set up that best suits the needs of each lawn. It is properly better to have a PVC reticulation pipe system than use “poly” pipes. PVC is more durable.

Plants, Shrubs and Trees

The same factors are at play here as well. All plants, trees and shrubs have to take account of the climate. The weather in Western Australia can be best described as “Mediterranean.” Summers can be hot and dry. As stated, this may be even more the case in the future. Therefore, it is best to use a mix of native plants and trees along side imported species that can all cope with these conditions.

Mulching and General Garden Maintenance

Mulching is the spreading of leaves, bark and compost etc, over a lawn surface or around a flower bed. This spreads nutrients around a garden and helps to keep moisture in the soil. A regular garden maintenance programme can be established. All plants and trees can be regularly pruned. The garden, as a whole, can be kept tidy. All garden waste will then be removed.

Paving, Edging, Capping and Limestone Walls.

There may already be paving in the garden, or you wish paving to be added. A number of options can be considered. Also stone, steel or plastic edging can be added around a lawn. This will prevent weeds from growing and help make the lawn look a lot more presentable.

To discuss any plans and designs for a new garden, or a maintenance routine and advice for an existing garden, please contact www.greenprintlandscapes.com.au/

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